Daydreaming and Creative Thinking

Daydreaming and Creative Thinking

Great ideas come when you least expect them. Daydreaming and creative thinking are very much related in that regard.  Some of the greatest minds in the world also knew that.  Daydreaming has led to some of the world’s greatest discoveries such as:

  • Nikola Tesla and all of his numerous inventions
  • Albert Einstein and his theory of relativity and other ideas
  • Sir Isaac Newton and his discovery of gravity

Albert Einstein referred to daydreaming as “thought experiments.” Some of these experiments led him to ideas that became some of his greatest works known today.

What is the common denominator?

You are at your creative best when you are free to think. Sometimes it’s when you’re in the shower or waiting for a bus. Maybe your next big idea came to you when you were looking up at the dark skies pondering the stars.

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That’s why so many creative people make time for reflection and relaxation. There is a stereotype that creative’s are lazy, but that is changing. In a study from August of 2012, psychologists discovered that if you allow your mind to wander, it can be helpful in creative problem solving.  Psychologists from the University of California have also discovered connections between daydreaming and problem-solving more creatively.

“There are many anecdotes that the daydreaming and creative thinking process would increase when engaged in unrelated thoughts. This anecdote dates back thousands of years.”


daydreaming and creative thinking

Sometimes it’s hard to shut off the noise around you in any given moment

Most creative moments occur when your brain is at rest. Free from the everyday stresses and not staring at a screen. When staring at a monitor or small screen, the brain is in a state much different to that of daydreaming. It’s not a coincidence that there are similarities to meditation which I have spoken of many times. I’ve created a creative meditation which is about 8 minutes long. You can download it here. Using tools like mindfulness meditation can help put your mind into the correct mental state.

Daydreaming in the workplace

Most businesses look at daydreaming as a negative. Perhaps it would reflect a lazy and unproductive employee. However, the opposite effect occurs. If business leaders would look at the science and the benefits of allowing daydreaming and creativity in the workplace, they could increase productivity and overall job satisfaction. Some of the most innovative companies in the world including Nasa and Google absolutely, are aware of the benefits. In fact, Nasa has programs and courses that focus exclusively on creativity.


Daydreaming and creative thinking is the way to find that creative boost that you may be looking for. Don’t let anyone tell you to not be a dreamer. Dreaming is what gives a reason to find new innovative ideas. Are you a daydreamer? Let’s talk about it in the comments below.


Much Love on your creative journey

Anders Vanderkool

Driving Creativity: Life Of A Bus Driver

Driving Creativity

Bus drivers share how they are driving creativity at work

A bus driver always will have the best view from their office window. The ever changing environment of the city can sound appealing to new bus drivers, early in their career. However, the high stress job can also be very mundane and deprive a person the ability of driving creativity.

Driving Creativity

It’s important for bus drivers to find that creative drive to make the job more interesting and more dynamic. In return, creating an inspiring and positive work environment.  I’ve spoken with many bus drivers, all with different and distinct personalities. I asked them to share what they do to break up the monotony of their shift.

This is what they shared…

Play in traffic

One driver said that, at stop lights, he would take the letters from the license plate of the car in front and create  band names from the acronyms.

“The same theory can be applied to book titles or business names,” he adds. “It’s endless.”

Bug Your Passengers

Another mentioned that he would try to illicit some  sort of human response from regular passengers with no expression or personality. The driver tells me that everyday he would ask open-ended questions or give an obnoxious hello-in hopes that today “might be the day.”

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Notice Something New

They all agreed that it was important to notice something new on every trip the bus makes. Maybe it’s a business that was never noticed before or a new restaurant that needs further investigation. It keeps your eyes fresh and the mind stimulated at all times. It brings conscious awareness to sometimes, an automatic job.


Keep Statisticsdriving creativity bus

Finally, keep a daily tally of passenger facts such as: How many people boarded with mustaches or man buns? Or maybe keep track of how many positive interactions happened on a given day. This is a fun way to stay interactive with the passengers and really pay attention to the world around them.

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Some drivers admitted to listening to educational podcasts or talk radio. Some said that they just liked chatting with other passengers. But they all had something in common with each other- they all found some way to keep the job interesting by driving creativity while driving around the public.

What do you do to keep your creative mind stimulated while your at work or doing a boring task? Let me know and lets start a discussion below. Don’t forget to subscribe to the newsletter for some really cool freebies soon.

Anders Vanderkool