Surreal Interventions Through Train Windows

surreal interventions

Surreal Interventions Through Train Windows

Imagine riding through the German countryside on a train. But the view from your window isn’t what you would expect. Instead, there is a real life theatre production of various surreal interventions.

At the end of August 2017, train passengers became spectators as local residents transformed their land into live art. The passengers watched an art project that spanned 30 kilometers along the German countryside.

live art

The artist duo of Datenstrudel, arranged a performance of different encounters.  Passengers were shown a world that demonstrated the effects of speed and perception and how it can impact people differently.

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The project took 5 years

The entire project scope was large. As a result,  500 residents and volunteers put on a total of 50 events along the route. The art project, called “Moved Land,” took 5 years to implement in collaboration with the Kunstfest Weimar. Finally, the project came to life in 2017 for the Festival for Contemporary Art.

Live art is creative, imaginative and alive.

The art was so unique to see that it brought on a different experience for the viewer. The art was creative, imaginative and alive.  But, most of all, it was beautiful and thought provoking.  For the price of a train ticket, people were able to connect urban and rural in an amazing creative display of surreal interventions.

Check out the video of the events below and be entertained.


It’s creative ideas through collaboration that result in bringing people together. The further away we move from conscious to automatic, the further we move away from each other.  I want to know what do you think about this project? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.

Importance Of Creativity In Ancient Egypt

The importance of creativity in ancient Egypt was held in high regard. The ancient Egyptian Scribes would document the stories from the lower class and from foreign lands. They were responsible for documenting history and the accounts of the Egyptian Army.  Often, they would work with other creative professionals such as painters and artisans who would later be responsible for some of the most beautiful art and writings that we know of today.

The ancient Scribes were men and the only people allowed to keep the knowledge of reading and writing. There were some female doctors that were trained so that they could read medical texts but this was rare. These skills were considered a privilege and shared only with rulers and gods.

Egyptian ruins with heiroglyphs

Scribes were part of the Royal Court, exempt from paying taxes and performing manual labor. Manual labor was reserved for the lower classes of people.

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Scribes were generally born into their profession, as they would be sons of scribes. They would go to school and learn the importance of mathematics and religion. More importantly, they would learn hieroglyphs and hieratic script.

Scribes would tirelessly practice hieroglyphs on limestone flakes or papyrus. They would go school for up to 10 years and would enter civil service, inheriting their fathers position.


The importance of creativity in ancient Egypt

10 Blank Egyptian Papyrus Sheets for Art Projects and Schools 4×6 inch (10×15 Cm)



Scribes were tasked with writing letters and sharing stories from the lower class. They would collect stories from other parts of the world and share them in the tombs and monuments in beautiful hieroglyphics. Hieroglyphics were only used in important monuments or writings. It was a more formal way of documenting Egypt and its rich history.

Even though the job of the Scribe seemed administrative at times, they were essential in documenting the traditions, the history, and the way of life of the ancient Egyptians. The importance of creativity in ancient Egypt was important because their work defined generations, they defined our human history.

Much Love

Anders Vanderkool




5 Free Design Tools For Every Creative

Since this is the first post of this brand new website, I though I’d share some of my favorite resources that I use regularly in my design and art projects. These 5 free design tools for every creative are mostly in regards to graphic design,  but there is no reason they wouldn’t translate and be helpful in any creative environment.

Here are 5 free design tools for every creative that I use and they won’t cost you anything.


COLOURlovers is a website where you can discover colour palettes that are created and shared by a community of users. It’s a great website to get inspired or get new ideas flowing when you’re stumped. You can search keywords and filter different combinations of colours. They also offer a number of tools for designers and artists alike.

Aside from the simple user experience, the site offers a great amount of information in the forums page and in the trends menu.  Head over to their website here.

How To Be A Graphic Designer Without Losing Your Soul

2. VECTEEZY is a really great resource for stock vectors. They offer a large variety of quality content that is free to use. If you’re a graphic designer doing a lot of mock-ups for clients or are simply needing vectors for your project, this is a great resource. Check them out here.


If you’re looking for a large amount of good quality stock photography, Pixabay is that source. Over the last few years, this user generated stock photography website has grown into a very reliable resource for designers and artists. With this the introduction of their new mobile apps, they have become an invaluable resource for all my projects. Their search filters make it fast and convenient to find what you’re looking for. It’s free to download images but if you want to download the highest res image you need to register or sign in with Facebook.



Fonts In Use is a valuable website for anyone that is creating something involving typography. The website is an indexed public archive of examples of good typography. The goal of the creators of the site is to:

Document and examine graphic design with the goal of improving typographic literacy and appreciation.

If you’re trying to find the perfect pairing of typeface, head over to their archive here.  If your interested in learning more about typefaces check out: Just My Type: A Book About Fonts


Creative Market is a platform for handcrafted design content from independent creatives and designers from around the world.  The content that is offered is top notch and is really a designers dream environment to be in. It’s a neat way to collaborate with other designers and even get inspired. Get this, every Monday they give away 6 items for free on their page. They could be any design asset, for example, typefaces, website templates or vector packs, stock photo collections. You name it, this site is full of design assets that are created by over 20, 000 designers from around the world. You are supporting other designers directly by using this market. I  highly recommend it.  Click here to enter the market.