Importance Of Creativity In Ancient Egypt

The importance of creativity in ancient Egypt was held in high regard. The ancient Egyptian Scribes would document the stories from the lower class and from foreign lands. They were responsible for documenting history and the accounts of the Egyptian Army.  Often, they would work with other creative professionals such as painters and artisans who would later be responsible for some of the most beautiful art and writings that we know of today.

The ancient Scribes were men and the only people allowed to keep the knowledge of reading and writing. There were some female doctors that were trained so that they could read medical texts but this was rare. These skills were considered a privilege and shared only with rulers and gods.

Egyptian ruins with heiroglyphs

Scribes were part of the Royal Court, exempt from paying taxes and performing manual labor. Manual labor was reserved for the lower classes of people.

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Scribes were generally born into their profession, as they would be sons of scribes. They would go to school and learn the importance of mathematics and religion. More importantly, they would learn hieroglyphs and hieratic script.

Scribes would tirelessly practice hieroglyphs on limestone flakes or papyrus. They would go school for up to 10 years and would enter civil service, inheriting their fathers position.


The importance of creativity in ancient Egypt

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Scribes were tasked with writing letters and sharing stories from the lower class. They would collect stories from other parts of the world and share them in the tombs and monuments in beautiful hieroglyphics. Hieroglyphics were only used in important monuments or writings. It was a more formal way of documenting Egypt and its rich history.

Even though the job of the Scribe seemed administrative at times, they were essential in documenting the traditions, the history, and the way of life of the ancient Egyptians. The importance of creativity in ancient Egypt was important because their work defined generations, they defined our human history.

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