Finding Something Authentic: Sifting Through Junk

Have you ever noticed yourself mindlessly scrolling through social media looking for something authentic that catches your interest but in reality nothing is grabbing your attention? I’m generally looking for something authentic. Something accurate and of quality.

I have caught myself doing this a lot lately and I’m sure many of us can relate. Looking for something that has substance but having to sift through a ton of generic, uninteresting posts can become mind numbing.

The average attention span is 8.25 seconds compared to a goldfish at 7 seconds.
Our attention span is increasingly being diminishing and without a human element behind a brand, it gets lost in the inter web of information. You need to give your audience a reason to be engaged. Give them a reason to read your update. Ask them questions like how and why to make your posts relevant to your customer. Give your brand a PERSONALITY. Speak from the heart.

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Social media can be a drag and for people and businesses, simply for the shear amount of time it takes to keep up your brands social media presence and relevancy. It often becomes a popularity contest and a person can start to feel resentful and burned out but we MUST remember that the Internet is a vast world of free marketing for your brand and it’s a missed opportunity to not take advantage of it.


Lastly, I want to talk about why authenticity is important to your social branding. Simply speaking, being true and authentic to your brand will bring more meaning to your brand and people will be more trusting of your skills and products that you are offering. Engage with your customers and be involved in the conversation. People want to simply feel heard and it’s a great opportunity to show your customer why you are the right choice. It’s important to be true to yourself within your brand just as it is in your personal life.

The digital world can start to feel fake, entitled and often overwhelming , but if you can simply insert yourself into the shoes of the viewer, you find success in your branding and digital marketing experience.

Much Love,
Anders Vanderkool

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