Find Creativity With Foap

Find creativity with Foap.

I was looking for something that would help me push my creativity a little bit further. Finding myself in creative haze, I just wanted to find creativity again. I had many different creative projects on the go but I wasn’t able to focus on just one thing.  It wasn’t until I found Foap, that I was able to find creativity again.

I searched the app store for photography based apps similar to those like Instagram and Flickr and I came across the Foap app. It’s a fusion between a social photo sharing platform and a stock photography site and it’s exactly what I was looking for. I’ts available on both iTunes and Google Play and it’s free to download.

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Foap built a platform that creates the idea that everyone can be a photographer.  It’s an app where people upload their photos, that is  a social community of users and a mobile stock photography site at the same time. They are unique in that they have partnered closely with Getty Images and other well known brands from around the world.  Best of all, your posted photos are available for purchase and royalties are more generous amounts compared to other stock sites at 5 dollars commission per sale.  Not only that, Foap is free and super easy to use.

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Moving forward, if you want to learn more about mobile photography, I suggest heading over to the Digital Photography School blog. You will learn everything you need to know about photography on this site.
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Earn money by simply using your phone and looking at the world in a different way.  Take a photo and upload it for sale on their easy to use platform. I have had numerous sales with this app. Some of the photos sold actually surprised me.  Explore the world around you and upload some photos.


The mobile archive of photos  is determined by users.-the  community is responsible for rating the uploaded photos.  Thus, engaging  a community of like-minded people all trying to achieve the same goal- taking their best photo.


The app has given you a platform for you to share your photographs in their missions section with commercial companies like Pepsi, Volvo, Axe and other popular brands. You can win large rewards in these missions and they are super fun to participate in.


By simply uploading your photos to Foap, Getty Images may view them. You never know what they are looking for outside of the missions.  I have had a number of my photos viewed and accepted by Getty.


When you upload a photo,  Foap automatically attempts to create tags for you. It’s amazingly accurate and useful when it comes to tagging your content. This saves an incredible amount of time when uploading, which can be discouraging on other sites and apps.


Your earnings can be payed out via PayPal at anytime and there is no threshold when making a withdrawals.

NOTE: You will be required to supply a government issued ID before payout.


They tweak and update the app by listening to users input. I have been using this app since it’s infancy and have witnessed the evolution of Foap . They highly regard user based input. This app is strong and continues to get better and better all the time.


find creativity with foap

Because I started using this app, the world I see is different. I feel like I have grown as a creative person and I owe a lot of it to this app.  It helped me find creativity. It encouraged me daily to look at things differently. I capture a single photo and upload it daily. This has helped with my motivation by keeping me accountable to a creative task. Taking a photo is continually challenging in that I’m always trying to capture something different. This is what drives creativity in your everyday activities.

I also recommend a Cel Phone Camera Lens. By adding this lens kit, you will see things differently and improve your photography.

In closing, I cannot express enough, the importance of an app like Foap. Simply just for your creative thinking. It’s free, easy to use and FUN to use!

Finally, what has your experience been using Foap or any other mobile photography apps?  Share below in the comments section and don’t forget to subscribe and share if you enjoyed the article.

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