Creative Beavers And Their Dam Skills

“Beaver do better work than the Corps of Engineers”

Mike Todd

Why wouldn’t you read a blog about creative beavers and their dam skills. Because beavers are crafty creatures and also the National animal of Canada. Beavers are found throughout North America in rivers, lakes, streams, swamps and marshlands. These creative creatures adapt well to their environment. They adapt easily because they manipulate the area with dams. Beavers build dams to provide a home and protection from predators. The damns are built in areas that allow for easy access to food and water.

creative beavers

The creative beaver builds a castle

The night workers start by diverting the stream with large branches and small logs to lessen the flow of water. They then drive logs into the mud to form a base and collecting mud, branches, twigs, grasses to build the structure. The dams are on average about 6′ tall and 3′ deep. The length varies but typically around 14 feet. Once the dam has created a flood plain to the proper depth to form a surrounding moat for the lodge, they will begin construction of their shelter.

creative beaver dam

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creative beavers

The beaver lodge

Beavers will begin by stacking material 10′ tall and 20′ wide with more logs and forest materials forming a large dome structure called a lodge.  They will then start from below the water line and dig and chew their way into their dome structure. They will create 2 entrances and a chamber (s). The inside chamber is used for eating, drying off, sleeping and caring for litters. These lodges will hold a single beaver family with up to 18 members. The entire family will contribute in maintaining there home, including adolescent beavers. Heavy maintenance occurs in the fall season in preparation for the winter. They will add fresh materials and mud to strengthen their home.

creative beavers

Benefits of the beaver dam

  • Beaver dams change environments in such a way that the ecosystem builds upon it.
  • They help with flood control by gradually releasing high waters from heavy rain and run off.  Creative beavers even build diversion channels and flood gates.
  • They’re responsible for increasing the frog population by creating a protected environment for larvae to grow and thrive.
  • Boost water temperature and raise the oxygen levels.
  • Help reduce erosion and create mineral rich silt that is important to farmers.
  • The beaver dams stimulate plant growth are create food for declining populations of songbirds.
  • Beavers are essential to the success and growth of marshlands
  • Help purify water by removing pollutants.


creative beaver dam

Creative beavers: nature’s chainsaw

Beavers cut down trees by chewing at the trunk into an hourglass shape. These creative beavers are an all in one power tool, “nature’s chainsaw.”  They can bring down a 12″ diameter tree in just 20 minutes with their powerful jaws and teeth. They have also been known to take down trees well over 3′ in diameter.

creative beavers


The creative beaver is a very resourceful animal. Often thought of as a pest by many, scientists have determined that the beaver is essential in supporting biodiversity in an ecosystem- including 43% of endangered species. If you have enjoyed learning about creative adventures of beavers, please comment below and share. Thanks for reading.


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