What China’s Forest City Can Teach The World About Sustainability 

China’s Forest City

The construction of China’s first forest city has broken ground and is due for completion in 2020. This urban and sustainable environment is the first of its kind in the world.  The city supports a population of 30,000 people, and will have the support of two schools, a hospital, offices, housing and even hotels that will be covered entirely in plants and trees. In fact, Liuzhou Forest City will have 40,000 trees and almost 1 million plants with over 100 different species.

china's forest city
Photo by Stefano Boeri Architetti

Italian architecture agency committed to building sustainability.

This creative vision for the sustainable city is by Stefano Boeri Architetti, an Italian architecture firm that focuses on urban sustainability. The company has committed to building the first green city in the world- a city that will defend against pollution and encourage bio diversity.

This is not the first time Stefano Boeri Architetti has drawn attention for such innovative ideas. The firm is responsible for the Vertical Forest build in Milan. The architecture is now being implemented in other parts of China and Asia.

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China is changing the way it looks at pollution.

China’s forest city was commissioned by Liuzhou Municipality Urban Planning and will be built to the north of Liuzhou, in the mountainous area of Guangxi. The forested city will cover 175 hectares and will get it’s water source from the Liujiang River.

China's forest city
Photo by Stefano Boeri Architetti

The city will absorb 57 tons of pollutants and produce 900 tons of oxygen every year.

This out of the box thinking will yield some impressive numbers.  Particularily, for a country that has poor air quality. The city will absorb 57 tons of pollutants and produce 900 tons of oxygen every year. This will help in decreasing the areas overall average air temperature and create sound barriers. The canopy of growth will insulate the city from the heat and from the cold. Thus, creating a strong and biodiverse ecosystem for birds, small animals, insects, and flora

Key Facts

  • Support 30,000 people

  • Absorb almost 10,000 tons of CO2 per year

  • Absorb 57 tons of pollutants per year

  • produce approximately 900 tons of oxygen.

  • Liuzhou Forest City will host in total 40,000 trees and almost 1 million plants of over 100 species.

    China’s forest city will utilize renewable resources.

Liuzhou Forest City will be wired for power and it will have fast electric rail and infrastructure for electric cars for clean transportation. The urban oasis will be self-sufficientnt with solar panels on roofs and use geothermal energy for internal air conditioning.

China's forest city
Photo by Stefano Boeri Architetti

China’s Forest City won’t be Asia’s largest city.

China’s Forest City won’t be Asia’s largest city. However, it will be the greenest and most sustainable on the continent and the entire world. It’s a step in the right direction, in one if the world’s most polluted countries.  Perhaps the world will take notice of this creative idea in sustainability.  Maybe the world will be motivated to follow in the footsteps of China’s forest city.

China's forest city
Photo by Stefano Boeri Architetti

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Creative Beavers And Their Dam Skills

Creative Beavers And Their Dam Skills

“Beaver do better work than the Corps of Engineers”

Mike Todd

Why wouldn’t you read a blog about creative beavers and their dam skills. Because beavers are crafty creatures and also the National animal of Canada. Beavers are found throughout North America in rivers, lakes, streams, swamps and marshlands. These creative creatures adapt well to their environment. They adapt easily because they manipulate the area with dams. Beavers build dams to provide a home and protection from predators. The damns are built in areas that allow for easy access to food and water.

creative beavers

The creative beaver builds a castle

The night workers start by diverting the stream with large branches and small logs to lessen the flow of water. They then drive logs into the mud to form a base and collecting mud, branches, twigs, grasses to build the structure. The dams are on average about 6′ tall and 3′ deep. The length varies but typically around 14 feet. Once the dam has created a flood plain to the proper depth to form a surrounding moat for the lodge, they will begin construction of their shelter.

creative beaver dam

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creative beavers

The beaver lodge

Beavers will begin by stacking material 10′ tall and 20′ wide with more logs and forest materials forming a large dome structure called a lodge.  They will then start from below the water line and dig and chew their way into their dome structure. They will create 2 entrances and a chamber (s). The inside chamber is used for eating, drying off, sleeping and caring for litters. These lodges will hold a single beaver family with up to 18 members. The entire family will contribute in maintaining there home, including adolescent beavers. Heavy maintenance occurs in the fall season in preparation for the winter. They will add fresh materials and mud to strengthen their home.

creative beavers

Benefits of the beaver dam

  • Beaver dams change environments in such a way that the ecosystem builds upon it.
  • They help with flood control by gradually releasing high waters from heavy rain and run off.  Creative beavers even build diversion channels and flood gates.
  • They’re responsible for increasing the frog population by creating a protected environment for larvae to grow and thrive.
  • Boost water temperature and raise the oxygen levels.
  • Help reduce erosion and create mineral rich silt that is important to farmers.
  • The beaver dams stimulate plant growth are create food for declining populations of songbirds.
  • Beavers are essential to the success and growth of marshlands
  • Help purify water by removing pollutants.


creative beaver dam

Creative beavers: nature’s chainsaw

Beavers cut down trees by chewing at the trunk into an hourglass shape. These creative beavers are an all in one power tool, “nature’s chainsaw.”  They can bring down a 12″ diameter tree in just 20 minutes with their powerful jaws and teeth. They have also been known to take down trees well over 3′ in diameter.

creative beavers


The creative beaver is a very resourceful animal. Often thought of as a pest by many, scientists have determined that the beaver is essential in supporting biodiversity in an ecosystem- including 43% of endangered species. If you have enjoyed learning about creative adventures of beavers, please comment below and share. Thanks for reading.


Traveling Increases Creativity

traveling increases creativity

By Anders Vanderkool

How does travel affect creativity?

Traveling is the best way to help increase creativity. Immersing into the ideas and traditions of another culture helps influence new ideas by adding a new layer of mindfulness. This mindfulness allows you to think differently and really experience something new. It scientifically changes your outlook and actually rewires your brain. Traveling literally expands the mind.


The wiring or neural pathways in the brain are influenced by a number of factors including our habits and the environment that we are exposed to. These environments and habits include all your senses and linguistics.

Integration into a new culture into forces yourself to think in a different way

When traveling in a new place, it’s a great opportunity to be creative, as your seeing the world in a different way. You’re experiencing it in a open minded setting where all control that you have had is longer present. It gives the world a new perspective. In a way, changing your mental clarity. This isn’t effective if one isn’t intentional about integrating themselves into the culture and traditions. It’s also important to journal about your adventures. Don’t forget to journal all about your adventures- you never know what sort of ideas will come out.

Destinations of a Lifetime: 225 of the World’s Most Amazing Places

Pulls you out of your shell

Local customs, food, and personal space can definitely pull you out of your shell. It challenges you to do things that seem less ordinary and it will test your boundaries. When traveling, particularly in a culturally different place, you will be out of your comfort zone and introduced to a new version of yourself. A piece of your personality that you never knew existed. A whole new place to explore and generate new ideas. It pulls out the personality and turns off the autopilot button.

Further, when there is language barriers- one must use more visual communication. As a result patience is exercised allowing for more presence in the moment and having to explore creative ways to communicate.

Booking the trip gives you something to look forward to

It’s important to plan a trip and set a date. This will keep you focused on the goal ahead. Studies have shown an elevated mood in people that have their trip planned than those who don’t. Having something to look forward to elevates mood, increases positive energy into something. It adds an element of curiousness and often drives people to be more physically fit and more responsible with their finances as they are working towards and end goal.

As mentioned in previous blogs, I talked about how routine makes life move at an increased rate. This is problematic to our perception to time. Your not experiencing new things, thus not creating new memories. It all becomes a blur. Getting distance away from the daily routine allows for more abstract ways of seeing your life. New ways of thinking and creating.

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I know many people that don’t travel for a number of reasons. Most of the time people say they would like to travel and experience the world, but they always have an excuse. There is always a reason to why they can’t do it. There is always a way, just think creatively and search for that solution. Traveling increases creativity and I hope that you plan your next vacation soon!  Please share if you enjoyed this post and get involved in the conversation below!