Traveling Increases Creativity

traveling increases creativity

By Anders Vanderkool

How does travel affect creativity?

Traveling is the best way to help increase creativity. Immersing into the ideas and traditions of another culture helps influence new ideas by adding a new layer of mindfulness. This mindfulness allows you to think differently and really experience something new. It scientifically changes your outlook and actually rewires your brain. Traveling literally expands the mind.


The wiring or neural pathways in the brain are influenced by a number of factors including our habits and the environment that we are exposed to. These environments and habits include all your senses and linguistics.

Integration into a new culture into forces yourself to think in a different way

When traveling in a new place, it’s a great opportunity to be creative, as your seeing the world in a different way. You’re experiencing it in a open minded setting where all control that you have had is longer present. It gives the world a new perspective. In a way, changing your mental clarity. This isn’t effective if one isn’t intentional about integrating themselves into the culture and traditions. It’s also important to journal about your adventures. Don’t forget to journal all about your adventures- you never know what sort of ideas will come out.

Destinations of a Lifetime: 225 of the World’s Most Amazing Places

Pulls you out of your shell

Local customs, food, and personal space can definitely pull you out of your shell. It challenges you to do things that seem less ordinary and it will test your boundaries. When traveling, particularly in a culturally different place, you will be out of your comfort zone and introduced to a new version of yourself. A piece of your personality that you never knew existed. A whole new place to explore and generate new ideas. It pulls out the personality and turns off the autopilot button.

Further, when there is language barriers- one must use more visual communication. As a result patience is exercised allowing for more presence in the moment and having to explore creative ways to communicate.

Booking the trip gives you something to look forward to

It’s important to plan a trip and set a date. This will keep you focused on the goal ahead. Studies have shown an elevated mood in people that have their trip planned than those who don’t. Having something to look forward to elevates mood, increases positive energy into something. It adds an element of curiousness and often drives people to be more physically fit and more responsible with their finances as they are working towards and end goal.

As mentioned in previous blogs, I talked about how routine makes life move at an increased rate. This is problematic to our perception to time. Your not experiencing new things, thus not creating new memories. It all becomes a blur. Getting distance away from the daily routine allows for more abstract ways of seeing your life. New ways of thinking and creating.

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I know many people that don’t travel for a number of reasons. Most of the time people say they would like to travel and experience the world, but they always have an excuse. There is always a reason to why they can’t do it. There is always a way, just think creatively and search for that solution. Traveling increases creativity and I hope that you plan your next vacation soon!  Please share if you enjoyed this post and get involved in the conversation below!



Increased Creativity With Blogging

increased creativity with blogging

Increased Creativity With Blogging

by Anders Vanderkool

After my first few blogs,  I was finding it difficult to land on a topic. When I eventually did decide on a topic, creativity ceased to exist. I would normally force the creativity when it came to the creative arts. But with writing, it’s difficult to pull words and ideas out of the ethos. I was feeling stumped more often than not, so I started looking to everything around me for inspiration.  This is how I increased creativity with blogging.

Something shifted and time began to slow down.

Increased Creativity With BloggingIf you really think about it, time is moving a lot faster for most of us as we age. You often wonder what happened to the last few years of your life. And, the answer is being an adult. Life isn’t like it was in school or your twenties. Back then, life was filled with activities and ideas. But now it’s just routine. The problem is that, the less you do, the faster the time passes.  Your mind creates memories and that in turn, creates a timeline. That’s why those routine days go by so quickly when you look back on them. There are no memories that stand out-they just blend together and fade away.

In routine, we don’t stop to look.

We don’t see or experience the little things in life. We don’t notice the bees in the garden or that co-worker with an ironic coffee mug.  I started to look at the world in a different way- a more intentional way.  After all,  most of our time as adults is living autonomously and accepting the world for what it is . I began to notice the fine details of everything around me. Maybe I did notice them at one point in time- but that was when I was a child. It was when you were a child- when everything was new and interesting. We looked at things and asked questions. Questions like: “Why is it so convenient that these car keys fit in an electrical socket?” I have written about some book recommendations that can help with creativity here.

  • Increased Creativity With BloggingWe don’t do try new things.
  • We don’t inspire ourselves to be better.
  • We don’t strive to inspire others.

….This is what blogging has done for me.

Being intentional and living in the moment tends to slow things down. This allows you to focus on things that you never noticed before.  Remember, life is full of inspiration and opportunities. And everywhere you look is an opportunity to learn. Blogging has made me more curious. I spend more time thinking and reading about interesting and innovative ideas than watching mindless TV shows.


“Blogging has given me a platform to inspire others and to be my better self. A place where I can share content and have a voice”



In conclusion, writing a blog, has taught me to look at the world through a different lens. Thus, creating time to focus my creative ideas. This is how I increased creativity with blogging.  Do you do something creative? How has it changed your outlook? If you have enjoyed this article, please share and don’t forget to subscribe.

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Elon Musk’s Boring Company


Nothing Boring About Elon Musk’s Boring Company


Elon Musk’s Boring Company is an ambitious idea that makes sense. Elon Musk, is known for his innovation and very ambitious ideas that are quickly driving change around the world. The man behind Tesla and Space X has introduced The Boring Company. The company’s goal is to build a tunnel system under cities to transport cars at high rates of speed. According to Musk, this type of transportation, in a tunnel system, could be the future of transportation in big cities. He suggests that moving the transportation system underground rather to the air, is a more viable solution.  If you go deep enough, you cannot detect the tunnel below the earth.  The earth is very good at absorbing sound and vibration, making the system almost undetectable.

“The challenge with flying cars is that they are quiet noisy and that is not anxiety reducing.”

Trips traveling at 125 mph or 200 km/h through tunnels.

The idea is to create a network of underground tunnels that integrates entrance and exits points at various points around the city.  These points would only use the space of a single parking spot. The elevator delivers the vehicle onto an electric platform from the street to the tunnel system. Trips traveling at 125 mph (200 km/h) through tunnels would deliver vehicles to their predefined destination in minutes with very little risk of accident.


Elon Musk: Elon Musk’s Best Lessons for Life, Business, Success and Entrepreneurship

Watch Elon Musk talk about The Boring Company


Elon Musk’s Boring Company has branded itself as a drilling company, however, it’s more than that. It’s an idea of ​​transforming traffic and infrastructure in major cities. Cities in the United States and around the world. There are currently plans to implement a network of tunnels in Los Angeles to function as an alternative to the main highway systems.

“It’s easier to go down than it is up with a 3D tunnel network,” says Musk. “As layers of tunnels get used up we can continue to go down.”

Tunneling has always been expensive, but not for Elon Musk’s Boring Company

Cost per mile costs have always been a roadblock in the tunneling world. Musk has an ambition goal of achieving a 10 fold reduction in the cost of tunneling. But he is putting his money where his mouth is. He suggests that this can be achieved in two ways:

  1. Cutting down the diameter of the tunnel decreases the cost in half.  Musk is attempting a 12 foot wide tunnel.
  2. Using a tunneling machine that reinforces the tunnel wall continuously.


What about autonomous vehicles? That’s still a thing, right?

Musk is already working towards autonomy with his innovative electric cars. But he believes that when transportation becomes fully autonomous. It’s an absolute that there will be more vehicles will be on the road. Thus, creating more congestion on the streets of an already stressed infrastructure.  Further, the electrification of vehicles will become more affordable as most automakers already, have some sort of electric program in place.


Musk is trying to solve the impacts of innovation before they happen. You’re seeing this with The Boring Company and his renewable energy ventures such as the Solar Roof Shingles. He is a true futurist in that sense and is taking this project very seriously by already building the system in the parking lot of SpaceX.  Please share comments below and get involved in the conversation.

-Anders Vanderkool


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Classical Music Brings Out The Creative Monster

creative monster

Classical music brings out the creative monster.

By Anders Vanderkool

Classical music brings out the creative monster that’s inside you. It helps find that great idea that you came up with at 3 am. That idea you were too lazy to write down. Classical music can help you find that creativity. Certain classical pieces have been shown to increase the brain’s cognitive function and IQ.  This is known as the Mozart Effect. Children learning classical music at a developing age are said to have higher cognitive functions and advanced brain development.


“The Mozart effect can refer to: A set of research results indicating that listening to Mozart’s music may induce a short-term improvement on the performance of certain kinds of mental tasks known as “spatial-temporal reasoning;”

The melody draws out the creativity process

The melodies and rhythms of classical music operate independently from each other. Melody is directly related to boosting the creative imagination. Rhythm increases serotonin levels in the brain. Increased serotonin levels boost areas of the brain that are responsible for critical and logical thinking. The cadence of the body can be stimulated through the music’s rhythm. Those cadences can be a heartbeat, walking, or even dancing and they are used to alter the effects of clinical depression and anxiety disorders.


The creative monster is alive and well

The melody that engages your creative side of the brain can take you anywhere. It’s an opportunity to develop something new that can take your mind in an alternate direction. A direction, maybe you hadn’t thought of going in. The melody takes you on a journey of ideas. Then there’s the logical side of the brain that problem solves ideas with logic and fact based thinking. In fact, classical music is logical and mathematical in many ways. This is why rhythm synchronizes the patterns of sound that the body creates.

“The melody provides a story line and sound bed for the creative thought to ponder through. The music will dictate the mood”

Good ideas need help sometimes

Sometimes, good ideas are locked inside the subconscious. One way of unlocking those hard to find ideas is by listening to classical music. Good ideas can come from anywhere. Sometimes they just require a little help to bring them to the surface. creative monster
In contrast, music with vocal elements, generally will impact concentration levels and act as a distraction. That being said, the effects of music on the brain depend on the activities being performed. If a task requires a more cognitive function, sometimes music can interfere or distract from the task at hand.

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What does classical music do for you?

In closing, classical music can provide you with more focus, memory, and overall ability to concentrate.  It helps bring out the creative monster that sometimes hides inside your head. It can help spark new innovative ideas or bring clarity to an existing problem.

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I want to hear from you!

How has music helped your creative process? What is your favorite genre of music when you’re creating? I’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments below. If this post has been helpful to you, please help me in sharing it and subscribing to the blog.



Driving Creativity: Life Of A Bus Driver

Driving Creativity

Bus drivers share how they are driving creativity at work

A bus driver always will have the best view from their office window. The ever changing environment of the city can sound appealing to new bus drivers, early in their career. However, the high stress job can also be very mundane and deprive a person the ability of driving creativity.

Driving Creativity

It’s important for bus drivers to find that creative drive to make the job more interesting and more dynamic. In return, creating an inspiring and positive work environment.  I’ve spoken with many bus drivers, all with different and distinct personalities. I asked them to share what they do to break up the monotony of their shift.

This is what they shared…

Play in traffic

One driver said that, at stop lights, he would take the letters from the license plate of the car in front and create  band names from the acronyms.

“The same theory can be applied to book titles or business names,” he adds. “It’s endless.”

Bug Your Passengers

Another mentioned that he would try to illicit some  sort of human response from regular passengers with no expression or personality. The driver tells me that everyday he would ask open-ended questions or give an obnoxious hello-in hopes that today “might be the day.”

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Notice Something New

They all agreed that it was important to notice something new on every trip the bus makes. Maybe it’s a business that was never noticed before or a new restaurant that needs further investigation. It keeps your eyes fresh and the mind stimulated at all times. It brings conscious awareness to sometimes, an automatic job.


Keep Statisticsdriving creativity bus

Finally, keep a daily tally of passenger facts such as: How many people boarded with mustaches or man buns? Or maybe keep track of how many positive interactions happened on a given day. This is a fun way to stay interactive with the passengers and really pay attention to the world around them.

The Happiness Advantage: The Seven Principles of Positive Psychology That Fuel Success and Performance at Work

Some drivers admitted to listening to educational podcasts or talk radio. Some said that they just liked chatting with other passengers. But they all had something in common with each other- they all found some way to keep the job interesting by driving creativity while driving around the public.

What do you do to keep your creative mind stimulated while your at work or doing a boring task? Let me know and lets start a discussion below. Don’t forget to subscribe to the newsletter for some really cool freebies soon.

Anders Vanderkool

Build A Guitar Out Of Junk


Take Your Junk And Build A Guitar!

I didn’t know how to build a guitar or where to start.  I had some old wooden boxes in the garage and thought just maybe I could create something out of it. After research online and scavenging for parts that could be used in the project, I got to work building a guitar.

build a guitar

Anyone has the ability to build a guitar. It’s easy.

Firstly, I’m not going to share step by step instructions on how to build a guitar out of junk because there are tons of blogs already online about this very subject.  Check out The Art of Manliness for detailed directions. What I am going to give you, is a glimpse into my creative process and show you the final project.

“Building a guitar is rewarding because you can play it and be creative!”

My hope is that it may inspire you to build your own guitar and that it allows you to continue creating into the future.  You don’t need woodworking experience-just a few tools and a strong imagination.

I do not have strong woodworking skills or tools that make the job less difficult. I used various hand tools such as a drill and an electric sander. What I do well at, is planning and being creative.

And this project is pure creativity. Using what you have for hardware is the fun part. This provides a problem for a creative thinker. I gathered random pieces of hardware such as nuts, bolts, hinges, and nails and tried to figure out how they would become part of the project.


I started off by picking up a piece of hobby wood for the future neck of the guitar. The wood needs to be a hard wood that is capable of supporting the tension of the strings. 1×2 Oak is easy to come by at any building supply store. The only things I need to purchase were guitar tuners and strings from Amazon listed below.

What I Used

6pcs 3L3R Acoustic Guitar Tuning Pegs Machine Head Tuners Chrome Guitar Parts

Elixir Strings Acoustic Guitar Strings, 6-String, Light-Medium NANOWEB Coating

I laid everything out and mocked up my future guitar on my floor. This gave me an idea of what Was needed to do and what it might look like as a finished project.

Take Your Time And Enjoy Building It

The neck was the most work and most difficult to produce. I decided to scarf cut the neck to give the headstock a more authentic guitar look. (See pic). I also added a spruce build your own guitar-fretboardtop to the neck and installed fret markers with some doweling.  Finishing nails were used for frets and I must stress that when laying out your frets- that you calculate the correct spacing.  I recommend going to StewMacs fret calculator.

The rest of the guitar was a ton of fun to figure out.  I made my own organic aging stain out of vinegar and added corrosion to some of the hardware that was too shiny with a mix of bleach, salt and baking soda.  It needed the old and handmade look for it to really stand out.

I went into the build with only one expectation -to finish the project.  And finish it, I did.

“Building a DIY guitar was just what I needed. Building something that is a tool to be creative-is a reward every time you play it.”

This was more of an exercise in of seeing if I could actually be successful in building an insbuild-guitartrument that actually plays, rather than a guitar of quality sound. I learned a lot of things that I would do differently next time.

In the end I am super happy with the result. It sounds better expected, though, I didn’t have very high expectations. It looks cool, sounds great and is a great conversation piece for even non-music lovers. But lets be serious-who hates music?



Playing music on something that you created is an experience that can’t really be explained. I have many great sounding guitars hanging on the wall but there is something about playing a guitar that was built with your own hands. In essence, its your own voice. It’s opened up my mind to playing and thinking differently in a music sense.  My song writing is more pure and very raw and rugged. These are the values that are missing in much of modern music in my opinion.

In closing, I hope you choose to build a guitar.  Please comment and share your projects with me. I’d love to see what you come up with. Please subscribe for updates and be sure to share with your friends.

Much Love

Anders Vanderkool

Creativity Can Reduce Stress and It’s Easy

Find Creativity With Foap

Find creativity with Foap.

I was looking for something that would help me push my creativity a little bit further. Finding myself in creative haze, I just wanted to find creativity again. I had many different creative projects on the go but I wasn’t able to focus on just one thing.  It wasn’t until I found Foap, that I was able to find creativity again.

I searched the app store for photography based apps similar to those like Instagram and Flickr and I came across the Foap app. It’s a fusion between a social photo sharing platform and a stock photography site and it’s exactly what I was looking for. I’ts available on both iTunes and Google Play and it’s free to download.

find creativity

Get Foap on  iTunes or Google Play

Foap built a platform that creates the idea that everyone can be a photographer.  It’s an app where people upload their photos, that is  a social community of users and a mobile stock photography site at the same time. They are unique in that they have partnered closely with Getty Images and other well known brands from around the world.  Best of all, your posted photos are available for purchase and royalties are more generous amounts compared to other stock sites at 5 dollars commission per sale.  Not only that, Foap is free and super easy to use.

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Moving forward, if you want to learn more about mobile photography, I suggest heading over to the Digital Photography School blog. You will learn everything you need to know about photography on this site.
find creativity



Earn money by simply using your phone and looking at the world in a different way.  Take a photo and upload it for sale on their easy to use platform. I have had numerous sales with this app. Some of the photos sold actually surprised me.  Explore the world around you and upload some photos.


The mobile archive of photos  is determined by users.-the  community is responsible for rating the uploaded photos.  Thus, engaging  a community of like-minded people all trying to achieve the same goal- taking their best photo.


The app has given you a platform for you to share your photographs in their missions section with commercial companies like Pepsi, Volvo, Axe and other popular brands. You can win large rewards in these missions and they are super fun to participate in.


By simply uploading your photos to Foap, Getty Images may view them. You never know what they are looking for outside of the missions.  I have had a number of my photos viewed and accepted by Getty.


When you upload a photo,  Foap automatically attempts to create tags for you. It’s amazingly accurate and useful when it comes to tagging your content. This saves an incredible amount of time when uploading, which can be discouraging on other sites and apps.


Your earnings can be payed out via PayPal at anytime and there is no threshold when making a withdrawals.

NOTE: You will be required to supply a government issued ID before payout.


They tweak and update the app by listening to users input. I have been using this app since it’s infancy and have witnessed the evolution of Foap . They highly regard user based input. This app is strong and continues to get better and better all the time.


find creativity with foap

Because I started using this app, the world I see is different. I feel like I have grown as a creative person and I owe a lot of it to this app.  It helped me find creativity. It encouraged me daily to look at things differently. I capture a single photo and upload it daily. This has helped with my motivation by keeping me accountable to a creative task. Taking a photo is continually challenging in that I’m always trying to capture something different. This is what drives creativity in your everyday activities.

I also recommend a Cel Phone Camera Lens. By adding this lens kit, you will see things differently and improve your photography.

In closing, I cannot express enough, the importance of an app like Foap. Simply just for your creative thinking. It’s free, easy to use and FUN to use!

Finally, what has your experience been using Foap or any other mobile photography apps?  Share below in the comments section and don’t forget to subscribe and share if you enjoyed the article.

Anders Vanderkool



Creativity Can Reduce Stress and It’s Easy

There are many simple ways that creativity can reduce stress.

Creativity can reduce stress. It is as simple as that. If your like the majority of people in the world, stress controls your life on an everyday basis. Maybe you work a stressful job or something personal is weighing on you. If you’re anything like me, it’s hard to shut off the brain.

In fact, we have created a society that makes it impossible not to have significant daily stresses that impact us.

Some people look to drugs or alcohol as an escape-this blog post is not about that. It’s simply to provide creative solutions to managing your stress effectively.

Firstly, to understand why creativity is a such a great tool for dealing with stress, we must understand what the flow state is and what it does.

Creativity Can Reduce StressThe flow state is that place where you’re perfectly focused and engaged on something. Perhaps it’s doing something artistic or simply just folding the laundry. For some people, time moves fast and for others- it moves slow. This place is similar to the meditative state and has similar benefits as those found in meditation.

The flow state is regarded as being essential to humans and our intelligence.

Everyone is capable of finding a creative activity and finding the flow. Do something you enjoy doing and you will forget-even if it’s for a short time, those things that are currently haunting you.

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Here are a just a few random suggestions for creative activities that can relieve stress.

Take A Photos With Your Smartphone

Find something normal like pineapple or an interesting tree in your backyard. Try to capture aspects of the subject matter in a different way we would normally see it.


Or weeding. It’s a great way to connect with nature and grow your own food at the same time. Not only is it a great way to find the “flow” – it can be great exercise at the same time.
Plant Theatre Funky Veg Kit – 5 Extraordinary Vegetables in a Grow Kit

Cutting The Grass

I find this a great way of being creative. Don’t follow the same path week after week. Throw on some interesting jazz music and you will find that peace.

Read A Book

Visualizing what your reading is as creative as it gets. The journey a creative imagination can takes you on is endless…

Organize A Collection

Revisit that old collection of comics or sports cards. It’s like reconnecting with an old friend and a ton of fun trying to convince your spouse that it needs to be on display.

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Rearranging Furniture.

It’s self explanatory but tons of fun and usually becomes a fresh way of looking at things. An analogy of sorts for your life. Maybe?

These are just some random examples that you may have never thought of as creative.  Remember creativity is simply taking a thought or idea and doing something with it. Let your brain think about something else for while. Let creativity help reduce the stress. Try it and you will see that creativity can reduce stress.

Anders Vanderkool

Importance Of Creativity In Ancient Egypt

The importance of creativity in ancient Egypt was held in high regard. The ancient Egyptian Scribes would document the stories from the lower class and from foreign lands. They were responsible for documenting history and the accounts of the Egyptian Army.  Often, they would work with other creative professionals such as painters and artisans who would later be responsible for some of the most beautiful art and writings that we know of today.

The ancient Scribes were men and the only people allowed to keep the knowledge of reading and writing. There were some female doctors that were trained so that they could read medical texts but this was rare. These skills were considered a privilege and shared only with rulers and gods.

Egyptian ruins with heiroglyphs

Scribes were part of the Royal Court, exempt from paying taxes and performing manual labor. Manual labor was reserved for the lower classes of people.

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Scribes were generally born into their profession, as they would be sons of scribes. They would go to school and learn the importance of mathematics and religion. More importantly, they would learn hieroglyphs and hieratic script.

Scribes would tirelessly practice hieroglyphs on limestone flakes or papyrus. They would go school for up to 10 years and would enter civil service, inheriting their fathers position.


The importance of creativity in ancient Egypt

10 Blank Egyptian Papyrus Sheets for Art Projects and Schools 4×6 inch (10×15 Cm)



Scribes were tasked with writing letters and sharing stories from the lower class. They would collect stories from other parts of the world and share them in the tombs and monuments in beautiful hieroglyphics. Hieroglyphics were only used in important monuments or writings. It was a more formal way of documenting Egypt and its rich history.

Even though the job of the Scribe seemed administrative at times, they were essential in documenting the traditions, the history, and the way of life of the ancient Egyptians. The importance of creativity in ancient Egypt was important because their work defined generations, they defined our human history.

Much Love

Anders Vanderkool